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Organic Sunless Tanner (natural)

Enjoy this nourishing Organic Sunless Tanner which provides a natural tan-like colour, lighter than the other orange looking tanners you might see, plus it is easy to use in the comfort of your own home.

If you want a nice, subtle tan glow, this is for you. 

Easy application, mists on. Dries fast so you can tan and dress right away and not worry about staining or streaking. Pleasant smell and natural looking tan. 

Gives skin a Vitamin D boost extracted from mushrooms. Provides Powerful Antioxidants from Saffron And Turmeric.

Averages 4 x weekly tans in a bottle.

 *results may vary from person to person*

Ingredients: Fresh Spring Water, Organic Hand-Filleted Aloe Vera, Fresh Chaga and Reishi Mushroom Extraction, Fresh Saffron Stigma and Whole Tumeric Root Extraction, Fresh Peppermint Extraction, Sugar Extracted DHA, Fresh Raspberry with Erythrose Extraction, Proprietary Mushroom Vitamin D Extraction, Grapefruit Extract, Horseradish Bio-Ferment, Potassium Sorbate.