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Sirena Crystal Le Sirmionesi

Handcrafted Italian made Le Sirmionesi sandals in Certified Tuscan leather. These platinum sandals are made with Swarovski crystals and are a rare beauty that will leave you speechless. Labelled the “Jewel Sandals” by many customers, they are the perfect accessory to any outfit, elegant and graceful. These sandals are made entirely by hand with high-quality products.

Available in EU sizes 37, 38, 39, please check Size Chart 

 About Le Sirmionesi

Conceived and named after the beautiful town of Sirmione del Garda, Le Sirmionesi has built a global reputation as a leader in women’s footwear and clothing. This commitment towards design has led to their elegant and exotic jewelled sandals becoming the footwear that every woman desires. The Tuscan leather sole and frames harmonising with the signature Swarovski jewels have stirred shoe envy for decades, and their elegant clothing line has evolved to turn heads.